How to use Hello Bar in SchemaNinja?

With SchemaNinja, you can setup a HelloBar in just a few easy steps.

If you don’t know how to setup SchemaNinja, we encourage you to check out Installing and setting up SchemaNinja.

From you SchemaNinja Dashboard, select HelloBar Recommendations from left sidebar.

After you select HelloBar Recommendations from left sidebar, You’ll be promoted with following:

  • Default Button settings: Button settings on HelloBar.
  • Title Setting: Title settings on HelloBar.
  • HelloBar Countdown
  • HelloBar Box settings
  • Select Recommendations to show
  • HelloBar Custom CSS

 Let’s setup HelloBar Recommendations now. Follow the steps below to setup HelloBar:

STEP 1 : Default Button settings

Let’s first start with Button settings,

Default Button Text: Here you can set button text, this button will appear on right side of your HelloBar.

Button Color: Here you can set button color, chose what color you want for your button. By default the button color will be red.

Button text color: Here you can set text color of your button (The text that you have on your button).

STEP 2 : Title Setting

After setting up Default button settings, let’s move on for Title setting:

Title Text: Here you can set title text for your HelloBar, this text appear on the left side of HelloBar.

Title Color: You can set color of your title text here.

STEP 3 : HelloBar Countdown

You can set countdown by enabling this option, this countdown helps you to set sale end time or any type of countdown.

Countdown enable: Enable this option to set countdown, If you’ve enable this, then proceed with following settings:

Countdown Title: Set Countdown title, like: SALE ENDS IN, LIMITED TIME etc..

Countdown text color: This will help you to keep countdown text color, chose from wide varieties of colors.

Countdown BG color: “Countdown background color”, Set background color of your countdown, by default the color will be white.

Set countdown time: Now, set countdown timing of any sale or anything you wants to set that finishes off in the pre-defined time.

STEP 4 : HelloBar Box Setting

Here you can change Background color and Bottom border color of HelloBar.

STEP 5 : Select Recommendations to show

Here you can chose any one product/post to show up in your website’s HelloBar.

Note: Choose only one post/product to show.

STEP 6 : HelloBar Custom CSS

You can write your own custom CSS/Design code here.

Note: It is not mandatory to write custom CSS.


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