How to setup sidebar using schemaninja?

Let’s setup Sidebar now. Follow the steps below to setup sidebar:

If you don’t know how to setup SchemaNinja, we encourage you to check out Installing and setting up SchemaNinja.

From you SchemaNinja Dashboard, select Sidebar settings from the left sidebar.

After you select Sidebar settings from left sidebar, You’ll be promoted with following:

Sidebar settings
  • Column Title: Here you can set title text for different columns.

Now, go to Recommendations tab from your WordPress dashboard to and click on add new, then follow this steps:

STEP 1: Fill up the HOME section, to know how to, visit: How to Setup Recommendation

STEP 2: After, you are done with setting up HOME section, just copy the short code from right sidebar,

After you copy the short code, go to any of your widget section to paste that code.

NOTE: You can only see sidebar, if you have pasted this shortcode in your widget area.

This is where you can post sidebar short code and get your sidebar activated.


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