SchemaNinja Plugin Settings

Note: This post will help you to setup & start using SchemaNinja plugin on your WordPress blog.


This is how your SchemaNinja dashboard looks like:

schemaninja dashboard

Let’s first begin with activating SchemaNinja with License Key:

To Activate the plugin go to settings tab from dashboard, get your license key from and paste it in the box and click on authenticate, It will show Active (Your plugin is now all set and you are ready to make some serious $$$$$):

schemaninja license

3) Review Settings

After Activating your plugin license, go to Review Settings tab and fill up the text boxes with your preferred text, Here’s the example:

  1.  Review Button Text – Review
  2. Specs Button Text – Specifications
  3. Summary Button Text – Summary
  4. ‘Try Now’ Button Text – Try Now or Buy Now

schemaninja review settings

4) Recommendation Settings

Next step is, Recommendation Settings.. Here you can add recommendation or suggestions for your users, This is how output looks like for recommendation settings:

schemaninja recommendation settings output

5) Sidebar Settings

Now, let’s move on to Sidebar Settings.. 

SchemaNinja plugin also allows its users to have custom recommendations in the Sidebar Section which would further help them in boosting their sales as Sidebar is the one element of the website which is same on almost every page.

The best thing about Sidebar Recommendations is that there’s absolutely no limit on the amount of recommendations as sidebar is pretty long on most websites because of the content.

schemaninja sidebar settings

6) Footer Recommendations

Let’s move on to Footer Recommendations..

A website footer is an often overlooked and neglected part of a website. we are sure, you won’t be neglecting your website footer from now!

Footer Recommendations change the way you use your footer part of the website. Here’s how it will look, after you are done with Footer Recommendations settings:

PS: you can choose only 3 product/services to show in footer.

schemaninja footer recommendations

7) Hellobar Recommendation

Let’s get into HelloBar Recommendations now,

HelloBar is a fun, unobtrusive yet highly visible web toolbar that sits at the top of your website and is a great way to engage users.

After setting up HelloBar, this is how it will look like:

Note: HelloBar will appear at top of your website

schemaninja hellobar recommendations

8) Coupon Based Recommendations

Here you can set button text, button color, coupon box setting, coupon box background color also you can set custom CSS.

schemaninja coupon based recommendations

9) Compare based Recommendations

Here you can compare two services or products and help your readers to chose the best one.

schemaninja compare based recommendations

10) Offer based Recommendations

This is where you can set various discount offers for your readers, and also keep them updated about latest offers in your niche and earn highest commission from providers.

schemaninja offer based recommendations

11) Expert Based Recommendations

Here you can ask few experts in your niche/Industry to write a recommendation on any product or service and then, you can publish the same here.. By doing this users will trust your blog more and will buy those recommended services.

12) Popup Recommendation Settings

schemaninja Popup Recommendation Settings

 12) Top 10 Based Recommendation

schemaninja Popup Recommendation Settings

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