How to use Offer based recommendations in SchemaNinja?

Let’s setup Offer Based Recommendation, If you don’t know how to setup SchemaNinja, we encourage you to check out Installing and setting up SchemaNinja.

From your SchemaNinja Dashboard, select Offer Based Recommendations from left sidebar.

After you select Offer Based Recommendations  from left sidebar, You’ll be promoted with following:

  • Default Button Setting: From here you can set various attributes of button.
  • Title Setting: From here you will be able to set title for your offer.
  •  Custom CSS: Here you can set custom CSS code.

Let’s setup Offer Based Recommendations now. Follow the steps below to setup this recommendations:

STEP 1 : Default Button Setting

Let’s first start with the button settings,

Button Text: Enter button text here.

STEP 3 : Title Setting

Now, let’s setup title setting,

Offer box title: Here you can add title for your offer box.

You can use this box to show title above your recommendations only.

STEP 4 : Custom CSS

You can write your own custom CSS/Design code here.

Note: It is not mandatory to write custom CSS.

Now, go to Recommendations tab from your WordPress dashboard to add Short Description, Sale Text, Subtitle. Here’s how you can do it:

STEP 1: Short Description, Now you are promoting or giving any offer to the visitors of your website. So, add short description upto 120 words here.

STEP 2: Sale Text, Now add percentage of discount you are giving to your visitors. 40%, 20%, 30% etc..

STEP 3: Subtitle, Add subtitle for your offer based recommendation box here.

STEP 4: Upload Image of your offer.

NOTE: You can add offer based recommendations on posts or pages by using short code given in your recommendations section:

Add shortcode between the tag in a post or a page (For eg. [rec_offer] [recommendation_offer id=272] [recommendation_offer id=2728] [/rec_offer].


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